• sherrywakeford

Hurricane Michael

It has been two weeks as of tomorrow that this area was hit by hurricane Michael. Zen Life International Yoga studio was just on the cusp of the storm. We had a little flooding, some equipment ruined, TONS of trees down, but compared to the damage just east of us, it's nothing. Small businesses in the area are suffering. The streets are lined (and jammed) with convoys of emergency vehicles, utility trucks, disaster relief vehicles, and local traffic. The schools are being used as shelters and are OVERFLOWING. There are still MANY without power. 1000's have lost their homes. However; there is so much love and support from almost everyone. Locals came together to help in every way they could by offering up places to stay, cutting down trees, checking on the elderly, offering up food and water, and just being there for each other to vent.

Our little studio will survive! We are offering free yoga for the time being because everyone is a little stressed. It's weird how the storm created so many jobs and destroyed so many others. It's a tough time for most of us in this area but we are hopeful and determined to get back on our feet as soon as possible.

Thank you to everyone who is supporting us. I am blessed and grateful that I have a wonderful family, an awesome work family and friends, and beautiful kind students that I adore. Namaste to EVERYONE!