• Sherry Wakeford

Meet Blink!

This is my newest rescue, Blink! He was found filthy and skinny on the street wandering aimlessly because Blink is blind. After 30 days in the shelter, Blink was scheduled to be euthanized. Thankfully the vet tech knew he was an extra special guy and made a call to Lucky Puppy Rescue. Lucky Puppy posted they needed a "temporary" foster and I figured I could help for a couple of weeks. Well....It's a total foster failure. Blink instantly stole my heart and told me he didn't want to leave. I decided this poor sweet soul had been through enough and adopted him! He hangs with me at the studio and loves to help with my yoga classes with his unconditional love. You can visit Blink most days at the studio. His prognosis is not good. The Dr. said he was about 1-2 years old and was probably born with progressive glaucoma. I'll get a second opinion to see if just maybe he has a chance to see again.

Namaste everybody! Come see Blink!