• Sherry Wakeford

The Retail Space is HERE!

I'm so tired! But it's done! I'm so happy I have a little tiny retail space with awesome stuff!

Super soft organic cotton shirts, skirts,and tanks by Soul Flower. I even have a few things for men.

Riddle oil is a fragrance that works with your own pheromones so you will have a unique scent. They make awesome candles too.

I absolutely love the Mahanarayan oil by Banyan Botanicals. We call it magic oil. It takes away your muscle pain! Really! It does!

And Zen Life Tee Shirts and Burnout Hoodies!

This place (Zen Garden) is such a peaceful place. I'm lucky to get to spend my days here. I eat at the Lotus Cafe almost everyday. I'm a vegetarian and they have several meat free meals, always fresh and organic. That's so very rare in this area. If you have been living in a cave and haven't experienced it yet, well, come on!

I hope you will stop by!