October 23, 2018

 It has been two weeks as of tomorrow that this area was hit by hurricane Michael.  Zen Life International Yoga studio was just on the cusp of the storm.  We had a little flooding, some equipment ruined, TONS of trees down, but compared to the damage just east of us, it's nothing.  Small businesses in the area are suffering.  The streets are lined (and jammed) with convoys of emergency vehicles, utility trucks, disaster relief vehicles, and local traffic.  The schools are being used as shelters and are OVERFLOWING.  There are still MANY without power.  1000's have lost their homes.  However; there is so much love and support from almost everyone.  Locals came together to help in every way they could by offering up places to stay...

June 8, 2017

 This is my newest rescue, Blink!  He was found filthy and skinny on the street wandering aimlessly because Blink is blind.  After 30 days in the shelter, Blink was scheduled to be euthanized.  Thankfully the vet tech knew he was an extra special guy and made a call to Lucky Puppy Rescue.  Lucky Puppy posted they needed a "temporary" foster and I figured I could help for a couple of weeks.  Well....It's a total foster failure.  Blink instantly stole my heart and told me he didn't want to leave.  I decided this poor sweet soul had been through enough and adopted him!  He hangs with me at the studio and loves to help with my yoga classes with his unconditional love.  You can visit Blink most days at the studio.  His prognosis is n...

February 22, 2017

I'm so tired!  But it's done!  I'm so happy I have a little tiny retail space with awesome stuff!

Super soft organic cotton shirts, skirts,and tanks by Soul Flower.  I even have a few things for men.

Riddle oil is a fragrance that works with your own pheromones so you will have a unique scent.  They make awesome candles too. 

I absolutely love the Mahanarayan oil by Banyan Botanicals.  We call it magic oil.  It takes away your muscle pain!  Really!  It does!

And Zen Life Tee Shirts and Burnout Hoodies! 

 This place (Zen Garden) is such a peaceful place.  I'm lucky to get to spend my days here.  I eat at the Lotus Cafe almost everyday.  I'm a vegetarian and they have several meat free meals, always fresh and o...

February 11, 2017

Several more changes happening at the studio and the new retail store addition.  I've repaired the roof leaks, twice!  LOL  Hopefully I got all the leaky spots!  Started painting the retail space.  GOT THE FOUNTAIN (aka. The Beast!) MOVED!  Several have tried and failed.  I've waited 7 months for this day!  Fate would have it, two nice young men came by Zen yesterday and offered to move The Beast!  

Today is a super busy day with Vinyasa, Aerial, Gentle, and then Restorative Workshop.  But tomorrow the work continues!  Watch out!  If you stop by I'll put you to work!  

January 25, 2017

Finally this time has come!  Zen Life International Yoga came to life in August 2015 and today is the birth of it's very own web page!

Just like our modest little studio, this page will now begin to evolve and will be ever changing, just like life!

Namaste everyone!  I hope you will go on this journey with us and enjoy!


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