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Rosehip oil 

Rosehip oil is rich in a natural source of vitamin A, known as trans-retinoic acid. Research shows that topical trans-retinoic acid is effective in helping to prevent premature ageing caused by sun exposure.

When skin is exposed to the sun, it can increase levels of enzymes that lead to the breakdown of collagen and elastin. The trans-retinoic acid in rose hip oil reduces the activity of these skin-damaging enzymes, reducing damage caused by the sun.


Rosehip oil is a natural source of antioxidants

Antioxidants are micronutrients that protect tissues in the body. Rosehip oil is rich in a range of antioxidants, including beta-carotene and lycopene, which help to protect and repair skin from premature ageing caused by modern living.



Aging causes the skin’s collagen fibres to fragment, or break down. Essential fatty acids play a key role in the maintenance and regeneration of the collagen and elastin fibres that keep skin firm and youthful. The essential fatty acids and vitamins in rose hip oil are readily absorbed by the skin and help to slow the breakdown of these fibres. With its neutral pH balance and anti- inflammatory properties, rose hip oil keeps skin balanced and healthy, helping to protect against cell degeneration caused by bacteria and oxidants. The Vitamin A found in Our Rosehip oil is ideally responsible for improving the skin's moisture level as well as the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. 


Stretch Marks and Scars Treatment 

The essential fatty acids and vitamins in rose hip oil help to keep damaged skin hydrated so that a wound can heal quickly without drying out too quickly and tearing the skin surrounding the area. These fatty acids are known as emollients, which improve the permeability and flexibility of the skin. The Vitamin A present in the oil could contribute to scar healing and skin regeneration as Vitamin A has been known to play a role in enhancing the skin’s tone and its texture. The oil also has anti-inflammatory properties that help to prevent infection. The application of SULU’s Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil to recent scars or even old scars up to twenty years old can help to improve scars in both colour and texture.


Ultra Violet Protection & Repair 

Another interesting benefit of rose hip oil is that it could combat the damage caused by the sun's UV rays on the skin. The oil contains antioxidants which fight the free radicals responsible for photo ageing. The essential fatty acids, in combination with Vitamin A help, enhance the skin texture, tone as well as pigmentation. The fact that the oil plays a huge role in moisturising the skin and mitigating irritation makes it an ideal treatment for facial rosacea. 


Natural Healthy & Beautiful Glow 

Another benefit that makes rose hip oil popular is the natural glow it gives the user. Not only does this oil help reduce or get rid of wrinkles and fine lines, but it also gives the skin an appealing and a healthy glow. All the ingredients in our rose hip oil are natural, and that makes it an ideal healthy treatment for the skin.






Made by cold pressing the pomegranate seeds, pomegranate seed oil is packed with many nutrients and is used both internally and externally for its medicinal properties. It’s extremely popular been used for skin care, as an amazing ingredient in many skin care products, pomegranate seed oil is beneficial for skin and health in many ways:

1. Prevents skin aging

Pomegranate seed oil has strong anti-inflammatory properties thanks to the punicic acid and omega 5 fatty acid. This makes it fight against free radicals thus preventing skin aging.

2. Heals dry skin

Pomegranate seed oil is perfect for dry skin, as it absorbs deeply into the skin and will moisturize your skin effectively.

3. Prevents skin infections

If you are suffering from some skin infections such as eczema and psoriasis, try to use pomegranate seed oil. With good anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, it helps you deal with these skin infections.

4. Makes your scalp healthy

Pomegranate seed oil soothes and combats the scalp bacteria due to its antipruritic properties. It also works great to balance the PH level of the scalp, which will reduce the hair greasiness and stimulate the hair follicles.

5. Repairs wounds

Application of pomegranate seed oil can help repair skin cuts and wounds. It has been found to repair cuts and other kinds of breaks on the skin quickly and no scars will be left thanks to its powerful properties.

6. Keeps skin smooth

Pomegranate seed oil is packed with iron, an important mineral that helps absorb oxygen. And oxygen is carried to the skin cells, this will make skin look smooth and fresh.

7. A good oil for oil cleansing

Oil cleansing is a great way to cleanse your face and make your skin healthy. Pomegranate seed oil is rich in flavonoids and punicic acid to deeply nourish the epidermal layer of your skin. For oil cleansing, mix pomegranate seed oil with other oils for better results, some oils such as coconut oi, sesame oil, avocado oil, olive oil and castor oil are all working well.

8. Prevents skin cancer

As pomegranate seed oil has strong anti-oxidant and anti-tumor promoting properties, when applying it to the skin, it may inhibit the growth of skin cancer.

When using pomegranate seed oil, make sure to choose the organic natural ones, which are always safer and more effective to use. It can be used alone and also combined with other oils and then applied to the skin.



Prickly pear seed oil

a moisturizing, soothing oil derived from the prickly pear cactus—is quickly gaining momentum in the skin care world, and for good reason. At once gentle, healing, and protecting, this oil has been used for centuries to treat everything from burns to illnesses. Extremely Rich in vitamin E and brimming with antioxidants, prickly pear seed oil is one of the most powerful, luxurious skin care ingredients on the market.


Organic Ingredients:100% Pure Cold Pressed Prickly Pear Seed Oil.

Botanical Name: Opuntia ficus indica

Extraction Method: Cold Pressed

Color: Pale yellow to yellow with greenish hue

Aromatic Description: Almost odour free.

General Package/Form Information:
2 oz up to Gallon - Clear/Amber High Quality PET Plastic Bottles BPA free with a Disc Top Lid or Regular Lid
0.6 oz & 1.1 oz - Amber Glass Bottles with a Dropper or a Cap
4 oz up to Gallon bottles are sealed

All our oils are fresh and bottled daily. Expiration date is at least 12 month from sale date.

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Also referred to as barbary fig oil or indian fig oil, prickly pear seed oil comes from the beautiful prickly pear (Opuntia ficus-indica, in Latin), a member of the cactus family. The plant is comprised of pads, seeds, flowers (usually yellow, red, or purple), trunks, and, of course, the fruit. Like other cactuses, they have also have prickles. Prickly pear cactuses can reach anywhere from 1 foot to 6-7 feet in height.



Where and how is prickly pear seed oil sourced?


While the prickly pear is native to parts of the United States, Mexico, and South America, and also flourishes in Africa, Australia, and the Mediterranean, the best prickly pear seed oil for skin care is sourced from Morocco. (We get ours from the same local women-run cooperative that provides us with our argan oil). To procure the precious oil, the seeds are typically extracted by hand and then run through complex machinery specifically designed for this purpose.

Prickly pear oil is chock-full of vitamins


Did you know that prickly pear oil has 150% more vitamin E than argan oil? It’s true. Since vitamin E is an antioxidant, prickly pear oil fights free radicals and increases cell renewal. This is great news for your skin since all this action prevents wrinkles. It also has vitamin K, which can lighten your undereye circles.



It has a high percentage of unsaturated fatty acids

These fatty acids absorb easily into your skin—without leaving that nasty, greasy residue behind. Plus, the fatty acids moisturize the collagen in your skin and tighten your pores. This leads to more elastic, younger-looking skin.



So many antioxidants = so many skin benefits

In addition to vitamins E and K, prickly pear seed oil has other antioxidants that do some serious work for your skin. These antioxidants increase cell turnover, restore elasticity, brighten your complexion, and reduce redness and dryness.



Carrot seed essential oil

is antioxidant rich to say the least.  Antioxidants fight damaging free radicals that can cause wrinkles and damage to skin tissue.  It can help and even repair damage from the sun, processed food, cigarette smoke and pollution!  Carrot seed oil is full of nutrients including beta carotene, and vitamins A and E.   Carrot seed oil nourishes dry skin, and can even reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles!  Carrot seed oil has a natural SPF of 40, so it can even serve as a topical sunscreen!

Benefits of Carrot Seed Oil:

  • Tones the skin

  • Antioxidant rich

  • Stimulates the growth of new skin cells.

  • Detoxifies the liver which in turn helps with liver spots, also known as age spots.

  • Reduces water retention (excellent for under eye products)

  • Increases circulation

  • Enhances a tan while protecting the skin against UV rays.

  • Vitamin E rich

  • Vitamin C rich (hello collagen!)

The skin health benefits of carrot seed oil are attributed to its properties as an antiseptic, detoxifying, disinfectant and anti-oxidation.

Carrot seed oil for anti-ageing.

Carrot seed oil has amazing skin renewal properties. It is for this reason that it is used in a number of skin aging products and formulations. Use carrot seed essential oil to get rid of age spots and wrinkles fast.

Carrot seed oil for treating oily and dry skin

Carrots seed oil is usually helpful in stimulating the production of

s and sweat glands to rejuvenate and moisturize oil and dry skin​